The Secret To Fast Effective Gains

The world of fitness and weight loss is a complicated, and convoluted mess of lies, hype and heart break. When I research any type of fitness topic I am bombarded with so much false information and half truths that it makes the journey to an ideal weight far more stressful than it needs to be! I was reading a book recently that I found a phrase and three words in that changed my life!
The phrase, Functional Body Movement blew my mind, but I realized that this is the very essence of the greatest exercise trend to date, Cross Fit. Cross fit takes the idea of body movement and makes it practical. I know when you see people doing handstand push-ups, or pull-ups, it doesn't look functional, but when you take a step back and look at it deeper you see what is happening. Many years ago before the advent of machines and air conditioning people had to do much of the work physically themselves. They would push, pull, and lift things where they needed to be. These are the three words that are going to change the way you exercise forever!
If you take the time to center your workouts around these three words, and the word lift interchanges with squats, but we will get to that in a moment, you will have incredible gains, quickly! Let's focus on each word specifically and explain how they work.
Pushing: When you look at functional body movement this is the first and most basic of that idea. When your buddy gets stuck in the mud, or the snow, how do you get him out? You all pile in behind his vehicle, someone drives and you use your whole body to push the vehicle out. This engages almost every muscle group simultaneously, and provides a lot more bang for your buck. So instead of doing just a bench press, you do push-ups, which engages more muscle groups at once, or hand stand push-ups, or as you see on cross fit rolling a giant sized tire down an alley, or hell even pushing an old junk car down a road!!
Pulling: Let's look at pulling, same idea as pushing, only the opposite. (That was an incredibly obvious statement... moving on.. ) Same scenario, vehicle is stuck, but this time it's in water.. So you and your friends, get in front of the vehicle with a rope, and engage your entire body pulling the vehicle out of the water! Again, this explodes your muscles into action, and your gains are higher. This means you engage in exercises like pull-ups, or standing rows, or again, pulling that same old heap back up the road! Using your whole body instead of one isolated muscle group!
Lifting or Squatting: I imagine this one is pretty obvious but let me elaborate. Your putting all your decorations away from a holiday, the boxes are heavy and they have to be put up on a shelf. So using proper lifting techniques you make it happen. This converts into functional body movement as dead lifts, squats, lunges. Anything that engages the upper body and the legs together!
These three simple words, incorporated into EVERY workout will change your life! If you do sets of pulling exercises, then pushing, and then squatting exercises. You will find you can accomplish a full body work out every workout! These three words are how our ancestors stayed as strong as they did, and you can use them to build your overall strength and physique! Be sure to share my thoughts with your friends, and please sign up for updates at my blog!