Exercise and Adaptability

Since the start of the popularity of personal trainers in the 1980's sports scientists have seen the value of creating and changing a personal workout program. Clinical studies have proven that adaptability when designing a specific program for a specific objective is the best alternative.
Personal trainers all over the world know that when they design a program for a client they need to be able to adapt it to suit the response that they get. It is this adaptability which has not been fully understood by the weight-loss and muscle gain industry.
If a personal trainer is designing a program to get their client to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, the results that the trainer gets will be directly proportional to how strictly the client adhered to the program. But this problem is excluded by personal trainers who know how to design a program that includes the specific somatotype of the client.
Nobody is a pure 100% Mesomorph, Ectomorph or Endomorph but rather a mix of sometimes all three types. However a good program will include the specific adjustments that are needed when an ectomorph is exercising to when a mesomorph is doing the same exercise.
Gaining muscle is all about gaining strength and the stronger a muscle is the bigger it is however the way that this size is achieved will be different depending on the somatotype. For example any tall thin ectomorph will not respond to the same sets and reps of a given exercise as a mesomorph who puts on muscle very easily will.
This means that the program should be designed and adapted accordingly. Even if you are training by yourself and following a specific program you need to make sure that you are changing it at least every 6 weeks. If you do not do that you will fall into the dreaded training plateau where you stop improving no matter how hard you train.
The only way to break through any training plateau that all bodybuilders reach at some time or another is to change the way you are training. The body is built to survive and survival is about adaptability. As soon as your body is able to adapt to a certain way of training it stops adapting.
If we are training to reach any specific objective we should use everything at our disposal and using somatotype to design a specific workout and nutrition program makes perfect sense. Over the years it has become a prerequisite for creating a good workout program because we know that it works.
It is usually the predominantly endomorphic people who live with a higher body-fat but that can easily be changed with correct nutrition. Any workout program relies on the nutrition that is given to aid the process. Changing the lifestyle in order to achieve this new way of eating is more important than just sticking to a diet.
Any adaptation that the body is able to achieve from doing regular exercise is only achieved with nutrition. The food we eat is what enables our body adapt whether it be to stress of the mind or the body. The truth is that we are what we eat and we always have been.
The increase in cancer over the last 100 years and diabetes now the fastest growing disease on the planet, are all because of the diet that we eat which has changed from organic to highly processed and that has reduced our immunity. If we train on a regular basis and eat correctly we will be giving ourselves the best chance to adapt to the unknown future.