Combating Allergies With Chiropractic Care

During any season of the year, millions of people suffer from a resurgence of allergies and millions more are diagnosed with some type of allergy. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology reports that approximately 7.8 percent of Americans ages 18 or older suffer from hay fever and between ten and 30 percent of the worldwide population is afflicted with this type of allergy. Dust, pollen, and animal dander are potential allergens, making it difficult to get through life without being affected.

Allergies Defined

In basic terms, an allergen is anything that the body does not recognize as belonging within it. When the body comes in contact with an allergen, the immune system responds in an attempt to destroy it. An allergic reaction occurs when an allergen causes an overreaction of the nervous system, resulting in the production of too many chemicals designed to neutralize the substance.
Red, irritated eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, and sinus issues are common symptoms of hay fever and these symptoms tend to linger for days or even weeks. Some people experience more severe symptoms, including coughing and a fever. Histamines in allergens can be very irritating, causing sufferers to seek a quick and permanent cure over the counter or from a physician.

Dealing with Allergies

Unfortunately, allergy sufferers will not find cures in traditional medicine. Doctors and allergists focus on treating allergy symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Antihistamines are used to tackle histamines and dry out mucus membranes. However, they also have serious side effects, including heart issues, and they may contribute to cancer. Antihistamines should never be taken with other medications, tranquilizers, sedatives, or alcohol because the combined effect can be deadly.

Non-pharmaceutical treatments for allergies have become more popular in recent years and include everything from home remedies to relocation. Though not a new technique, chiropractic care is an alternative that is capturing more attention. This manipulative treatment relieves pressure on the nervous system, which affects the immune system. When the immune system operates more effectively, allergy symptoms are reduced.

Chiropractic treatment realigns the spine and encourages the self-healing process of the body. When the body is healthy, it can neutralize allergens and other toxic substances. Chiropractic care is a holistic way to treat allergies because it enables the body to function in the manner in which it was designed. Regular chiropractic adjustments contribute to proper functioning of the body as a whole, resulting in fast relief from allergies and additional benefits.