Acne Be Caused by Extra Proteins in Powdered Form

Proteins are the blocks used to build the human body. They are also used by the body in many processes, including:
  • Growing, the construction, reproduction and renewal of cells in the muscles, skin, skeleton, hair, etc.
  • Metabolism and the transportation of nutrients, oxygen and waste throughout the body.
  • Production of antibodies.
  • Various functions of organs.
  • The creation of enzymes and hormones.

A lack of protein will make it impossible for the body to function well and ultimately cause death, because simply put, many processes depend on the ability of our body to repair and replace cells normally. If the basic material for these cells no longer is available, that renewal, and the associated growth does not occur. The nails may break and small wounds will not heal at all or do not heal as fast as normal.

Hemoglobin is the protein that is responsible for the transport of the blood, and the oxygen, by the body. A lack of protein can therefore also cause a lack of oxygen.

Also growth retardation in children will take place, which will not restore when the diet has changed for the better, hair discoloration, edema, and a reduction in the natural resistance to disease.

Is it possible that acne is actually caused by proteins?

When using supplements in your diet, for instance in order to build muscle mass, or to gain weight, it is often advised to use it as an addition to, for example, milkshakes. Whey in powder form contains many proteins, and is therefore very suitable to use in a constructive or reconstructive diet. But there are a few problems with whey. There are people who simply can not absorb whey and people who are lactose intolerant.

With whey or lactose intolerance, the cause of the acne can indeed be found in the whey that is used in the supplements. Lactose intolerance and the inability to process whey will also cause other symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea, headaches and bloating.


To determine whether the whey in your food supplement is the cause of your acne, you actually have to stop the supplement containing whey for some time. That is not as easy as you might think, partly because there may be an addictive effect, according to the research by Dr. Silverberg.*

The proteins can be taken in other ways. The additional proteins to cause weight gain or to build muscle mass need not be in powder form. Proteins are mainly found in meats, fish, eggs and of course beans. Most vegetables are also good sources of protein. If you insist on using animal protein than chicken is a very good alternative to protein powders that can cause acne. Fish also provides very good protein for the construction or reconstruction of muscles. The danger of acne is smaller when natural proteins are used because the body is able to process natural proteins more easily.

The most important player in this field is your health. If a high protein diet is not the ideal way for you to obtain a healthy body, try different diets. Healthy living, with enough good and fresh food is often all you need to get strong muscles.