Over The Counter Allergy Treatments

There are some choices for over the counter allergy treatments that can help you find fast relief. Many of them are not as effective as a prescription treatment, but your condition may not require it. Allergies can be difficult to manage right away, so having some options really helps.


Antihistamines lower the nasal swelling and discharge from an allergic reaction. They are a common choice for immediate relief, and come in nasal and oral varieties. However, drowsiness is a general side effect. This can be a problem for many working or active people. Non-drowsy variants require a prescription. Some stronger nasal antihistamines must also be used on prescription basis.


Decongestants are powerful when used in a small amount. Congestion can get much worse if you continue to use the decongestants. Most of these medicines must be gotten over the pharmacy counter, as they can be used for more nefarious purposes. Again, a doctor can prescribe a stronger decongested if this works, but not in the long term. They are the most commonly used for immediate symptoms, but should not be used on a long term basis. Be sure to carefully read for potential side effects as often these can cause giddiness or drowsiness depending on the active ingredient.

Nasal Corticosteroids

These steroid nasal sprays are the best way to treat asthma and allergies in the long term. They are designed to be used two to three times a day, and prevents the symptoms of the allergy from ever surfacing. They can be gotten over the counter in some cases, but they are rare. The most effective are gotten through a prescription.

Other Prescription Options

There are many new and evolving choices in asthma or allergy treatments, however many of them require a prescription. Immune boosting shots can be extremely helpful as well in treating the reactions for life. This is one of the easiest choices as well. This treatment is not for everyone however, as some people may react negatively. Some experimental decisions are also available to certain healthier patients, and many study options can be used.

Diagnosing Your Allergy

Finding out what your allergy is will help you treat it. The best treatment is tailored to the type of allergy, and a Doctor can make this process much easier. They can tell you what you're allergic too, and find the best choice in treatment, or recommend a simple over the counter option.