Do You Suffer From Anxiety? 2 Steps To Alleviate

Anxiety is very common in today's society. What is anxiety anyway? Anxiety is simply a fear of something that has happened in the past that we project into the future as happening again. There are several different types of anxiety, social anxiety, interpersonal anxiety, test anxiety, even sexual anxiety. It seems many people these days are plagued with some form of anxiety.

Anxiety is very closely related to worry, or the creation of events that haven't yet occurred. When you worry about something that hasn't happened yet, you are stealing your present moment. When you regret the past you are stealing your present. Therefore, the people who worry never really live in the moment. Regretting the past and worrying about the future is not a healthy way to live.

Anxiety is the reaction we get from regret and worry. Anxiety is initiated through your subconscious programming. (Remember the 8 rules of the subconscious mind?) Your subconscious mind and its programming will override any conscious common sense.

For example, lets say you wanted to go boating with friends, but you have some anxiety about getting on a boat. Rationally, you know the boat is safe, after-all your friends have been boating safely for years. This is a conscious rational fact. However, subconsciously you have this fear of boating or getting on a boat. Or, how about driving over a high bridge? Or, how about being in a committed relationship?

So how do we control the anxiety? We use a combination of subconscious mind programming and conscious intervention.

With the subconscious programming, we use an amplified version of visualization. So try this exercise at bedtime. Visualize the circumstance you are fearful of or have anxiety about, however with perfect outcome, perfect interaction, perfect harmony or perfect safety. The reason mental images and visualization is so powerful is because the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is imagined and what is real. (Again, the 8 rules of the subconscious mind). The subconscious mind accepts everything as being real. So your mental image at bedtime is the event that causes you anxiety, however we now visualize a perfect outcome.

With the conscious intervention, we start with small baby steps. If you have anxiety about being on a boat, then go to the boat and simply get on board. Go get on the boat while docked. Make a conscious concerted effort to physically get on board.

So, what happens here is the conscious intervention of getting on the boat combined with the subconscious visualization of a perfect outcome will overcome your anxiety or fear. The degree to which you overcome that fear will vary from individual to individual but over time that fear will subside and totally disintegrate. This 2 part process of diminishing anxiety is effective in all types of people, young or old, child or adult, male or female, chronic or mild anxiety sufferers.

And remember, as Aaron Rogers, quarterback of the Green Back Packers says, 'RELAX PEOPLE', the event your uptight about hasn't even happened yet. Seriously though, practice this two-part technique to alleviate your anxieties.