SNL sketch about liberals living in Trump's America: The Bubble

Wow. For the first time in maybe 30 years Saturday Night Live has a funny sketch. This one is about "The Bubble," a place where liberals can stroll around in a place where then can live as if the Donald Trump victory never happened.

From Da Tech Guy: Media insanity over Trump win continues

The march to lunacy continues as I write in my weekly blog post at Da Tech Guy: Media insanity over Trump win continues.

Two teens held in murder of Danny Davis' grandson

On Friday there was another senseless murder in Chicago, in this outrage two teens were arrested for the killing of a 15-year-old, Javon Wilson, over a pair of gym shoes. What makes this barbarity, which occurred in the notorious Englewood neighborhood, more newsworthy than other Chiraq homicides is that Wilson was the grandson of US Rep Danny K. Davis (D-IL).

While I've been a rare yet harsh critic of Davis, he and his family will be in my prayers.

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