The Increasingly Popular Trend of Tea-Based Fragrances

These fragrances and additives enhance the product as well as provide the benefits of the herbal blends. Here are five tea based products that are all the rage - Aroma Therapy.
Tea based fragrances are most popularly used as aroma therapy additives. This alternative medicinal process involves, invoking the sensory organs of a person with the aromatic scents of various blends of tea and herbs and lifting the person's mood.

The most commonly used blends and their benefits are :
  • Chamomile Tea can help with insomnia, irritability and stress issues.
  • Green Tea is most popular for its anti-aging properties.
  • Lavender and Peppermint Tea has a relaxing and cooling effect makes it best for relieving fatigue stress and as a hangover cure.
Aroma therapy oils can be used in a variety of ways. From adding it to a diffuser, using it for facial steams and inhaling them, these scents can greatly benefit the body with aroma therapy use.

Tea Ice cream and Desserts 

A great number of people avoid having desserts completely due to their sinful calories and addictive taste. However, desserts such as tea based ice creams are a guiltless indulgence as they are a healthier option.
Ice cream flavoured with tea most commonly uses flavours as well as the fragrance to enhance the taste of the product. You can even use the bold tea to make cookies, filled chocolates or any other form of dessert. Its versatility makes it a unique flavouring to use!

Massage Oils 

The use of tea based essential oils along with carrier oils can be used for a therapeutic massage. The pressure at the points of stress on your body coupled along with the relieving properties of tea can prove to be very relaxing and calming especially after a long week of the daily hustling life. Massage oils are often more effective as they are directly in contact with the body. It allows for the skin to soak in all the oil and works its magic. From anti-aging to nourishing and replenishing, adding tea fragrances to the massage oil can be highly restorative and valuable!

Shampoos and Soaps 

These widely used products are a great way for a person to take pleasures in tea based fragrant products. Tea not only adds their benefits but the aromatic scent of it makes these products sought after. These are not only added in the product but can also be used as a soak by adding to your bath.


Various forms of tea are popular for their own benefits such as green tea has been known to contain strong antioxidants whereas chamomile is known for its relaxing and sleep inducing powers. The use of tea as a perfume is not a new art. Since its invention decades ago, it has been described as invigorating, earthy and soothing. You can experiment with various kinds of tea based perfumes to find one that suits you as they come in a variety of fragrances.

The application of tea in any form can be beneficial as it is soothing, relaxing as well as provides a great source of anti-oxidants and other medical advantages in a natural way.
Today, development and technology has led to the creation of calming and soothing tea- based fragrances and flavours that can be put to use for an array of purposes.