Your 2016 Playoffs: Rooting Against Order

When I remember, I rank the playoff teams in order of who to root most to win it all.  Of course, the Giants are the one up top, but how do the other teams rank, should the horrible happen and the Giants not win it all this season?  I decided to include the teams that lost the Wild Card games too.

ogc thoughts

Here is my order, while many teams we don't really have anything against, there are some who Giants fans have some ire with:
  1. Nationals - The Giants don't have much against the Nats.  They gave us a nice reliever in exchange for Livan Hernandez.  And Dusty is their manager, so why not give him a bone, 2002 is no longer bothering me now that we got 2010, 2012, 2014.   We also got Felipe Alou from them, where he established himself as a manager, returning him to his Giants heritage.   We did trade Speier for Foli when they were the Expos, and that hurt some.  But they have never won, and missed their best chance because of the strike in 1994.  
  2. Cubs - Well, if we can't win it all, part of me would wish them well, especially since they haven't won since 1908, which I can sympathize with, especially all the close calls and long time in between good times.  Plus we crushed them in 1989.  But they crippled us last season with the sweep, killing our chances in an odd year, and nearly cost us this season with some comebacks.  And they are getting all the love from the media this year, getting the SI cover shot and prediction (which usually is a jinx anyway).
  3. Rangers - We beat them in 2010 for our first title in SF.  They also have a long history of never winning in their franchise as well.
  4. Indians - We beat them long ago in humiliating fashion in 1954, but that's not as recent as the Rangers.  And they haven't won in a long time as well.  But they do have a bad mascot that they should probably change or work with Native Americans to make it more acceptable.  
  5. Orioles - We stole Jon Miller from them, so there's that.  Plus, we're the true Orange & Black.  And I never cared for their owner.  
  6. Blue Jays - They gave Melky Cabrera a two year contract even after he cheated so badly, rewarding him.
  7. Mets - That hideous playoff series we lost to them in 2000 will also stick in this Giants fan's craw.   So this Wild Card was a nice payback, which the Giants have been doing in each playoff cycle this decade.  They did buy King Kong Kingman off us, instead of giving us prospects, but did give Willie Mays another chance to make the World Series (unfortunately, he was a shadow of his former self).  
  8. Red Sox - They are a contender for Team of the 2010 Decade, which the Giants hold pretty securely right now with 3 titles, but if they win, they will have 2, just one behind.  Part of me feel sorry for them for signing Pablo, but that's on them 
  9. Dodgers - Of course, they are last, they're the Bridegrooms.  Part of me want the Giants to face them in the NLCS, just so we can beat them, but they have not been able to get past the first round in recent memory, for while they have been able to come up big during the season, they haven't been able to in the playoffs.  And that's OK by me, any time they get kicked out of the playoffs is great, whether by the Giants or any other team.  
Go Giants!  
Go Team of the 2010 Decade!!!