SPONDYLOSIS - Treat Spondylosis in Ayurveda

Spondylosis is an ailing state of the vertebrae, the bony blocks of the spine, which become fixed and stiff as the resultant of some diseases. Osteophytes i.e. bone spurs, and intervertebral degeneration makes debilitating changes in the spine, which condition is known as Spondylosis. Changes occurring in the spine due to Spondylosis are known as Osteoarthritis also. There are certain conditions of this state, in the wake of which, some chronic and agonizing developments may occur. Spine is an organ, which cannot be transplanted like heart, liver or kidneys. Therefore caution has to be rendered while dealing with Spondylosis. The vertebrae, discs and spinal cord have a synchronized performance, the equilibrium of which will badly be affected in the case of Spondylosis.

Arthrodesis May Be Better Indicated After Failed TAR Than Re-Arthroplasty

Globally there has been a trend towards increased use of total ankle arthroplasty. This is partly due to an increase in the severity of ankle injuries sustained from either physical activity, or from degenerative diseases like arthritis and partly due to technological advancements in the field. With this increase, there comes an inevitable increase in the need to revise the prostheses, with component exchange and revision procedures often considered.

Single DMARD Use May Be As Effective As, Safer Than Combination Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, early treatment is key. As a progressive disease with no known cure, it's crucial to begin the process of curbing progression, relieving inflammation and limiting joint damage from the start. Unfortunately, one of the primary therapies used for this condition comes with several side effects and is not effective for some patients.

Foods to Avoid When Putting Together An Arthritis Diet Plan!

Unlike most diets, an arthritis diet plan is not so much about what you eat, as it is about what you should avoid. Avoiding foods which cause or increase inflammation is basically all you need to do to reduce the effects of arthritis on your affected limbs. Although there are certain foods which have anti-arthritic effects, their effects tend to vary and are generally not as effective as practical prevention.
So if you want to reduce arthritis in your body then what you need to do is to control your diet, and here are several foods that will help you do it.

Joints Healthy With FIR Braces and Supports

If you read my last article entitled 5 Fast Facts about FIR, you likely know more about far infrared therapy than most of the population! Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are invisible light rays from the sun that make us feel warm on sunny days BUT do not burn the skin. This light energy is absorbed deep into the tissue:

Just Been Diagnosed With Osteoarthritis - Now What?

After suffering from stiff, numb, or painful joints for so long that you simply had to see a doctor, you now know that this suffering has been caused by osteoarthritis. Whether you were surprised by this diagnosis or not, finally receiving a diagnosis can be relieving in a lot of ways, simply because you now have a name for your condition. And if you know your condition, you can educate yourself regarding how to manage your health and lifestyle to minimize the impact of arthritis on your life. Here are a few tips.

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Early Symptoms and Signs

From what I read in several books, research documents and articles, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an Auto Immune Disease that causes pain and swelling in the joints. This happens because the immune system attacks the lining of the joints causing inflammation and joint damage. It starts slowly with minor symptoms that comes and goes, usually on both sides of the body, and progress over a period of weeks or months.

Accounting Development in Third World Countries

Most third world countries have nearly nonexistent accounting standards and lack the education to inaugurate a movement towards achieving their needs to at least sustain their positions towards global developments. Among these third world countries most of them have similar characteristics such as their low living standard for the vast majority of their populations, high levels of unemployment, and the governments tend to be more authoritarian opposed to a democratic approach. By the eighties it was well accepted that the Third World was no longer a single economic unit and at least four groups were distinguishable - OPEC member countries, Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs), Middle Developing Countries (MDCs) and Least Developing Countries (LDCs). These are evident from the literature dealing with third world countries (Zakari, M. 2013). The third world countries were placed in these four categories depending on their population density, per capita income, natural resources, economic development, exports, and economic dependency versus economic diversification. Characteristics of LDCs have a negative effect on their economic integrity; therefore, they are forced to alter their financial policies related to accounting practice that may impose certain constraints and restrictions towards specific opportunities.

The Signs Of A Great Accountant

What are the signs of a great accountant? It's not always easy to know you have the best person for your business. Some the ways business owners measure their accountants performance has been skewered over the past 20 years with the advent of personal computers and cheap "accounting" software such as Intuit's QuickBooks. Before that, the lines were clear as to what the accountants role was. Today, many accountants have allowed themselves to become glorified software trouble shooters and tax preparation mills. The focus was taken off the client's books and records and financial position and refocused on helping them do bookkeeping themselves to help reduce their own accounting fees. It's this mentality that has led me to believe that accountants are some of the worst business people I have ever come across.

The Importance of Understanding The Cost of Doing Business

What does it cost you to keep the doors open? How do you rate among the industry standard? Is your mark up enough to generate optimum profits and cash flows? If you are note able to answer any of questions posed, then you simply lack the knowledge of the cost your business incurs, and further lack the knowledge of how you are pricing out your services, or products. Understand the cost of doing business plays an enormous role into the amount of information that you can generate to conduct various analyses that can help to run an efficient business.

Some Important Ways to Select Accounting Software

It is mandatory for small businesses to have accounting software as it is a very important tool to trace necessary things like sales, payroll and expenses. It is necessary to find the correct software to operate your business more effectively and smoothly. Besides it, you can also reduce your expenditure as accounting software reduces the cost of hiring accounting staffs. In this article, I will be discussing with you about some important ways to choose the software.

Signs Your Bookkeeper Is Hurting Your Business

Bookkeepers are trusted to take care of the financial details of small businesses. Business owners rely on them to keep track of cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable... Buying a copy of QuickBooks and entering data does not make someone a bookkeeper. All to often I have witnessed businesses struggling with cash flow issues only to learn that bank accounts have never been reconciled, transactions never entered and the business was flying by the seat of their pants when it came to knowing where they stood financially. How could someone expect to have smooth sailing without keeping an eye on the books?

Keep Everything On The Variable

Flexibility and nimbleness play an important role into sustainability, and the survival of a business when impacted by an economic shift, or other macroeconomic event that inevitably occurs from time to time. Keeping your cost a variable will allow you to make quick adjustments that can help you preserve cash, and to keep the doors open while revenue is down. During tough economic times many businesses fail, and further end up closing the doors because they run out of cash, and in most cases are not able to raise the additional capital required to keep going.

QuickBooks' Top Danger Zones And How To Avoid Them

I've discussed many times how dangerous QuickBooks can be for a small business owner. One of my main purposes in business has always been helping business owners succeed. I believe there a really only a few ways to do that - 1: Show them what they could be doing and 2: Show them what they shouldn't be doing. This article is about what they shouldn't be doing.

Bodybuilding Exercises For The Legs

Do you have a plan to gain more muscle mass? Your legs are one of the most important muscle groups to train. Bodybuilding exercises for the legs are important for several reasons. Muscular legs look good, that's for sure, but it also keeps your body in balance when you regularly train your legs.
If you train your upper body to the max and you skip to train your legs, your body is not in balance and it will be bad for your health. The danger is that your legs need to carry the increased weight of your upper body. Your legs should be conditioned to handle that.

How to Get Bigger Arms In Less Time

First and foremost arms have to have their very own day in your training split. They are worked as an accessory muscle on chest, shoulder and back day however being worked as an accessory doesn't even come close to attaining full muscular contraction and therefore does not optimally engage the biceps, triceps or forearms for full growth potential.

Exercise and Adaptability

Since the start of the popularity of personal trainers in the 1980's sports scientists have seen the value of creating and changing a personal workout program. Clinical studies have proven that adaptability when designing a specific program for a specific objective is the best alternative.

Bodybuilding Blast For The Holiday Season

Bodybuilders and weightlifters know it can be hard to stick to their weightlifting and nutrition routines over the holidays - especially the time from Christmas to New Year's. But there is a solution that not only keeps bodybuilders on track, but can actually build more muscle while freeing up more time over the holidays!

Time Under Tension (TUT)

All bodybuilders know very well that the only reason any hypertrophy is achieved with progressive resistance is because of the time under tension (TUT). Sports science has now conclusively proved that the only reason a muscle is able to grow in size is because of the time spent under tension.

The Key to Strength

For many people, strength training is a numbers game - it's all about the weight on the bar. While this is ultimately one of the main indicators of progression in strength training, it shouldn't be the only one. Instead, the focus should be on moving correctly, with the loading on the bar reflecting increased capacity. Sacrificing the correct movement pattern in the quest for bigger numbers can lead to a range of problems, all of which reduce the effectiveness of your training.

The Secret To Fast Effective Gains

The world of fitness and weight loss is a complicated, and convoluted mess of lies, hype and heart break. When I research any type of fitness topic I am bombarded with so much false information and half truths that it makes the journey to an ideal weight far more stressful than it needs to be! I was reading a book recently that I found a phrase and three words in that changed my life!

The Importance of Muscle Recovery

The concept of recovery periods during training is something that many people in the amateur world of sports tend to overlook when training for their big events. I have seen first-hand, many cyclists, triathletes and runners who have neglected cool downs, stretches, sports massage and rest days believing that the harder they train the fitter they get. To a certain extent this is true, but one thing that must be taken into consideration is over training and the effect this can have on the muscles, and how the neglect of recovery protocols can have negative long-term implications on the health of the muscles.

The Best Muscle Building Exercises

Everybody wants to build more muscle and look great but not everyone knows the best muscle building exercises. Sometimes it gets hard with so many people telling you about "this" great exercise or "this" way of training that you don't know where to start. Luckily there are some common exercises that every single bodybuilder on the planet uses and always will.

Best Foods For Building Muscle

So you want to build some muscle but are not sure about nutrition? Often times you will hear that nutrition is 80% of peoples success and training is only 20%. This may be true to an extent. Certain foods react differently in the body and cause extreme results, both negative and positive. The best foods for building muscle can vary depending on the person but there are some staples you will find in every bodybuilders kitchen.

Things To Consider Before You Choose A Gym

Congratulations on making the decision to transform your body! Knowing how to choose a gym is extremely important as this can influence your progress more than you realise. There are a number of things to consider before settling on a specific gym.

Body Building Diet Tips


Make sure to consume your pre-workout meal 30 to 60 minutes before your routine. This will ensure that you are properly fueled up and you don't go hungry during your training session. It should be noted here that your pre-workout meal should not be a heavy meal; it will not do you any good. On the other hand, eating only the recommended pre-workout food will give you the necessary energy that may even last on the post-workout recovery period.

Rules Need To Know for A Bodybuilding Diet

The nutrition of a bodybuilding diet can make or break a fitness regime. All too often people exercise and think it's OK to eat junk because they are "burning it off" or they are "bulking." People know this is wrong but the thing is, they don't know the right way to eat to build muscle. They don't know that you can gain muscle and maintain a ripped core at the same time. They don't understand how to schedule "treats" into their new bodybuilding diet. Instead a snack turns into a full blown binge! Not good!

Simple Tips For A Better Workout

When you work out very often, you quickly get stuck in your habits. You have a certain routine that you perform regularly, and after a while, that routine is much less effective because your body gets used to the exercises you do. That's the reason why I'm giving you some easy tips to improve your work out and make it more effective.

Best Short Hairstyles For 2015

Short hairstyles are not only elegant looking, but they are also easy to maintain. If you have been thinking of having a short hairstyle, here are some of the best ones that you should go for in the year 2015.

The Potent Benefits of Vegetables for Eyelash Growth

Eyelash enhancement or conditioning has spawned so many products on the market at present. But have you ever revisited your diet or lifestyle choices to check if they are assisting in your lash growth mission? Know, for one, that eyelash growth can naturally happen over time when you consume foods that are rich in nutrients for hair growth and health. Vitamins B, C, and E all increase blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles. Additionally, iron benefits the lash growth process.

Benefits Of Booking a Beauty Appointment Online

First impressions make or break a deal. That is why it is of paramount importance that you take good care of your hair and beauty properly. As a woman, well-groomed hair and properly done makeup will enhance your appearance tremendously. Men are not left behind either in the need to look sharp and well-groomed.

Simple Home Remedies To Improve Skin Complexion And Glow

Just whitening the skin is not the only thing you should focus on. The skin should also feel soft and smooth, and it should have a rosy glow. In your zeal to attain such a skin you should not go overboard and try every product under the sun which you think may lead to your goal. Most of the cosmetic products in the market have strong chemicals which are dangerous for the skin. A much better way is to try out natural home-remedies for skin care. This article will list out some such home remedies worth trying out.

About Laser Hair Removal: Is It Really Permanent?

With summer heating up it is time to look at options that will keep your skin smooth and silky. Which is why everyone is wondering about laser hair removal and whether it really is permanent. The truth about laser hair removal is that it really is permanent. This is due to the way in which the process is designed. The laser will send pulses down the hair follicle. Over time the hair follicle will die. This means that it will no longer be able to produce any hair, hence why it is a permanent process. What most people do not know, however, is that this does not happen overnight. You cannot walk into a clinic and get all of the unwanted hair you have removed in one session. The number of sessions that you will need in order to remove the hair forever will depend on the type of hair you have. Coarse, thick and darker hair will take longer to remove than lighter, thin hair. It is recommended that the average person should have a minimum of 5 sessions to begin with. Also, the amount of time it will take in total, will be determined by the size of the area. Smaller areas will obviously take less time than the bigger areas.

Understanding How Laser Hair Removal Works

When people are confronted with permanent processes there can be a lot of stress and anxiety associated. Understanding the process of exactly how laser hair removal is performed is a key part in helping to manage that stress and anxiety before and during the procedure.

Laser hair removal has been a popular hair removal treatment since 1997 and has only become increasingly more effective (and popular) in the past few years. It is safe, effective, and much more permanent than other hair removal options such as waxing, tweezing or electrolysis.

However, laser hair removal still does not work for individuals with fine hair, (including grey and blonde), and individuals with dark hair and dark skin must use a specific type of laser to see the successful results.

What You Should Know Herniated Lower Back Discs

Many people suffer from disc problems of the lower back and sciatic nerve leg pain. Discomfort may appear rather suddenly from an accident, injury or just overdoing it at home. Others may experience ongoing pain from a chronic problem. Regardless of the source of onset pain from a herniated disc low back can be one of the most excruciating conditions we can experience.

Home Herbs Remedies for Your Aching Back Pain

Back pain is quite common especially as we get older. I mean, my back hurts at least several times a week and those days really do blow. There are some days that I can slap on a cold compress and it will do the trick; other days, a short walk would be enough to work out some of the kinks and on some really bad days, I use a cold compress, then pop an OTC pain reliever. All these work for me of course, but the thing here is that I try not to pop too many pills and this has led me to look at herbal remedies.

The Cause May Be Someting You Never Considered

Back pain, we all assume it is caused by injuries, sleeping on a mattress that is old or too soft, or a bad spinal disk. And as we attempt to alleviate our back pain we naturally channel our attention towards those problems. But what if there could be another cause of back pain that did not fall into any of the above categories. Would you be inclined to check it out? If you have tried numerous other remedies with no success, my guess is you probably would.

Military Personnel And Chiropractic Care

Recent problems brought to the public's attention concerning the Department of Veterans Affairs have highlighted issues of health care for our nation's veterans and active duty service members. National Public Radio aired an exposé noting a growing number of veterans have become addicted to prescription painkillers like OxyContin, Hydrocodone and Percocet. These medications are considered to be opiate narcotic painkillers and can be highly addictive. The medications are given to members of the military so frequently that some have coined the term "pill mill military."

Low Back Pain Prevention

The saying, "Prevention is better than Cure" stands true for back pain. Back pain can definitely be prevented if we take care of certain things. First of all we have to understand the root cause of back pain. The causes can be many a fold. Most common being, over the years wear and tear of spine while we use our backs leading to what is known as mechanical back pain, I:e: the pain associated with movement, activities and change of posture. So, we must pay attention to how we use our back in day to day activities. Initially, we have to practice it consciously till it becomes impregnated in our subconscious mind. Below are the points one need to practice to prevent back pain.

Teach Autistic Children - Free Teacher's Guides for Autism

Sensible comprehension of how autistic children understand and learn is essential for teaching them with the exact same strength as we teach other children. This may appear to be a clear-cut notion, when you teach autistic children, that understanding of autism is essential. Instructors and teachers may efficiently figure out how to deal with grownups and autistic children equally out from the schoolroom and inside the class, by getting educated in the disorder we are creating a more understanding world for everyone.

Benefits of Autism Schools to Support Your Child's Education

If your child has autism, schools that specialize in this condition can be extremely beneficial. The earlier this type of education begins, the more benefits your son or daughter will receive.

Autism Spectrum Diseases - The Importance of Early Diagnosis - 2

When neutral proteins are produced, mild ASD will occur due to inadequate production of synaptic adhesion proteins (neuroligin, neurexin, MDGA1 and MDGA2) needed for normal mood, speech and behavior. When a toxic protein results it would destroy the target sites, and impaIr their functions.

Autism Spectrum Diseases - The Importance of Early Diagnosis - 1

The ability of parents to suspect that their baby may have autism is very critical to early diagnosis and intervention. This article is aimed at getting parents to the point where they are able to ask: Is this autism or what? How early this question is answered in a child's life, goes a long way to determine whether he/she will live a dependent or independent life. A high index of suspicion is so important because having had previous normal children does not exclude the possibility of having an autistic baby.

Weighted Blankets - The Perfect Solution for Autism

Weighted Blankets are one of the most effective tools for children, teenagers and even adults. They are used to comfort individuals and advance unwinding. For those who are psychologically imbalanced, responsive to touch, twitchy Leg disorder, or state of mind issue, a weighted blanket gives profound weight and unwinding tangible incitement. They can also help calm down agitated or mentally disturbed people in distress. They might turn out to be a secret weapon of your high energy kid. These blankets are widely used as part of professional therapy for children undergoing through sense related disorders, uneasiness, trauma or issues related to autism. Adults, teenagers and children, all can benefit from this weighted blanket therapy.

Interior Design for People With Autism - Helping Autistic Adults Gain Independence

Living with autism is full of challenges that others may not notice or even be aware of. It is commonly believed that an individual's home is the one place to go to find strength, support, comfort, and encouragement. However, this is not always the case as a new culprit has emerged within residences worldwide that is causing havoc. Strangely enough, the agent that is making numerous autistics sick in their living environment. People with autism have heightened sensibilities ranging from acute hearing to tactile aversions to various fabrics and textures. In some instances, the use of certain types of cleaning products may cause skin irritations, rashes, and abrasions. Additionally, some parents report removing tags from new items of clothing for their autistic children prior to wear due to potential harm to skin. While this is a very serious problem for people on the autism spectrum, it is even more confounding for family members and those living in the same quarters. There is no need for despair, as help apparently is on the way.

How Music Therapy Helps Children With Autism

Several researches have proven, time and again, that music therapy can benefit individuals of all abilities and ages. Such therapy has been used to support cognitive, social and emotional development in people across races, countries and communities. It can also help promote wellness by enhancing memory, improving communication skills and managing stress. Researchers have also shown that children and teenagers, who have been suffering from autism, can benefit a lot with music therapy. It helps improve their social behavior, better their communication attempts in terms of gestures, verbalizations, vocabulary and vocalizations, reduce their anxiety, increase their attention and focus, and even improve their body coordination and awareness. A few studies even show that both adults and children with autism spectrum disorders or ASD respond very well to music. This is why music is considered to be a potential therapeutic tool for treating autism.

Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma - The Safer and Smarter Alternative

With rapidly increasing air pollution across the globe, especially in urban and industrial hubs, there has been an alarming rise in the incidence of asthma and other respiratory illnesses all around the world. According to conservative estimates, at present around 300 million people in the world are in need of asthma treatment, and this number is expected to rise by another 100 million by 2025.

And The Cough Goes On

Do you have an untreated cough that has lasted for several weeks? If so, you are not alone. Many patients in my practice have been complaining about a cough that does not seem to go away. I have seen more of it this year than in other years, and it started back in November of last year.

Apprehending Asthma

"We always hope for the easy fix: the one simple change that will erase a problem in a stroke. But few things in life work this way. Instead, success requires making a hundred small steps go right - one after the other, no slipups, no goofs, everyone pitching in." - Atul Gawande, surgeon and journalist

An Explanation Of The Term Asthma Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology is the study of what is abnormal, or what causes normal physiological processes to be disturbed. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory problem of the lungs and bronchioles which is characterized by reversible bronchospasm that often result from an exaggerated response to a variety of stimuli. This is the pathophysiological response which the lungs take when assaulted by an allergen.

These 5 Steps Helped Me Stop Feeling Like A Helpless Victim Of Asthma

I was diagnosed with asthma at age nine. I never thought that I could do something about it except go to the doctor and refill my preventative inhaler and my rescue inhaler. I truly believed this was the normal routine for a person with asthma until I stopped getting relief from my inhalers. Around Thanksgiving 2011 I was struggling terribly with my asthma. Wheezing, chest tightness, and panic were daily occurrences. I would be puffing away on my inhalers to help ease the pain but it was only helpful for about an hour. I was scared. Thirty two years old and my lungs feel useless.

How to Prevent an Asthma Attack Naturally

Asthma attacks are a nightmare. The panic, fear, and struggle to regain normal breathing can make it seem like an eternity to get relief. Most medications and remedies are reactive "solutions". Here are some preventative actions that can be taken that can give you confidence and control over asthma.

What to Expect After Knee Replacement Surgery

If your doctor has recommended you undergo knee replacement surgery, you may be wondering what to expect after the operation. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports 90 percent of patients that have knee replacement surgery experience a dramatic improvement in their activity levels and a significant reduction in pain. It is one of the most successful orthopedic surgeries performed today.

Can Hip Supports Help Your Chronic Pain?

Hip Supports, often referred to as Hip Protectors or Hip Pads offer the same benefits for the hip as supports for knees, wrists and ankles but with less showmanship. Hip protectors are often perceived for the frail and elderly given they've been clinically shown to protect against injury from falls. The reality is that the young and middle-aged also suffer from chronic hip pain. Hip pain due to osteoarthritis, bursitis or injury can strike at any age but many younger sufferers aren't aware that supports can help their chronic pain. Here are some Myths and Facts to determine if a hip support is right for you!

SPONDYLOSIS - Treat Spondylosis in Ayurveda

Spondylosis is an ailing state of the vertebrae, the bony blocks of the spine, which become fixed and stiff as the resultant of some diseases. Osteophytes i.e. bone spurs, and intervertebral degeneration makes debilitating changes in the spine, which condition is known as Spondylosis. Changes occurring in the spine due to Spondylosis are known as Osteoarthritis also. There are certain conditions of this state, in the wake of which, some chronic and agonizing developments may occur. Spine is an organ, which cannot be transplanted like heart, liver or kidneys. Therefore caution has to be rendered while dealing with Spondylosis. The vertebrae, discs and spinal cord have a synchronized performance, the equilibrium of which will badly be affected in the case of Spondylosis.

Arthrodesis May Be Better Indicated After Failed TAR Than Re-Arthroplasty

Globally there has been a trend towards increased use of total ankle arthroplasty. This is partly due to an increase in the severity of ankle injuries sustained from either physical activity, or from degenerative diseases like arthritis and partly due to technological advancements in the field. With this increase, there comes an inevitable increase in the need to revise the prostheses, with component exchange and revision procedures often considered.

Single DMARD Use May Be As Effective As, Safer Than Combination Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, early treatment is key. As a progressive disease with no known cure, it's crucial to begin the process of curbing progression, relieving inflammation and limiting joint damage from the start. Unfortunately, one of the primary therapies used for this condition comes with several side effects and is not effective for some patients.

Foods to Avoid When Putting Together An Arthritis Diet Plan!

Unlike most diets, an arthritis diet plan is not so much about what you eat, as it is about what you should avoid. Avoiding foods which cause or increase inflammation is basically all you need to do to reduce the effects of arthritis on your affected limbs. Although there are certain foods which have anti-arthritic effects, their effects tend to vary and are generally not as effective as practical prevention.

So if you want to reduce arthritis in your body then what you need to do is to control your diet, and here are several foods that will help you do it.

Keep Your Joints Healthy With FIR Braces and Supports

If you read my last article entitled 5 Fast Facts about FIR, you likely know more about far infrared therapy than most of the population! Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are invisible light rays from the sun that make us feel warm on sunny days BUT do not burn the skin. This light energy is absorbed deep into the tissue:
  • activating water molecules in the blood
  • Increasing blood flow
  • enhancing cell regeneration and soft tissue repair

Happiness: Is There A Key?

"So, how exactly, do you decide to be happy?" My friend looked bemusedly at me as she replied to my statement that I thought happiness was a decision we made.
"LOOK at that tree!" I exclaimed loudly and with vehemence, knowing that my reply to her question required more than a little explanation.

Cortisol Resistance: What Is It? How Is It Treated?

We've all heard stories about ordinary people exhibiting superhuman strength during an emergency. From lifting cars off of injured loved ones to wrestling polar bears (it happened), the body's stress response can transform each of us into less angry (and less green) versions of the Incredible Hulk. One of the steroid hormones that makes such startling transformations possible is called cortisol. Released in enormous quantities when acute stress strikes, cortisol is also secreted in response to daily events and circumstances, such as waking up in the morning or working out at the gym. In other words, it is normal for cortisol levels to fluctuate widely throughout the day. What is not normal or healthy, however, is to have consistently elevated levels of the steroid hormone in your system.

Do You Suffer From Anxiety? 2 Steps To Alleviate

Anxiety is very common in today's society. What is anxiety anyway? Anxiety is simply a fear of something that has happened in the past that we project into the future as happening again. There are several different types of anxiety, social anxiety, interpersonal anxiety, test anxiety, even sexual anxiety. It seems many people these days are plagued with some form of anxiety.

Essential Oils Can Help You Ride Out the Change of Season

The months of October and November are a time of change. Nature has been showing its fall colors, and our bodies have had to adapt to the cooler and damper air. Many of us suffer through the seasonal change by catching a cold or flu, or experiencing a nagging cough or clogged sinuses. We may try to alleviate our symptoms by taking over the counter decongestants or antihistamines; but Aromatherapy, being a powerful natural healing modality, offers an effective alternative. Essential oils contain the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defence properties of the plant from which they are derived. Research shows that essential oils have some of the highest frequencies of any known substance and may help create an environment in which bacteria, virus and fungus cannot live.

Aromatherapy Massage Can Help With Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is deep and is the thickest nerve in the human body. In some individuals it can be as wide as ¾ of an inch. Some of the common symptoms are burning, tingling pain through the glutes, continuing into the upper leg on either side. Massage combined with essential oils helps alleviate one of the causes: strain of the muscles. It can also help with swelling by using essential oils that are anti-inflammatory.

Lee-Ann Clark Platinum Quality Author Platinum Author | 10 Articles Joined: April 26, 2014 South Africa Essential Oils - Making Your Own Perfume

Putting a perfume together can be compared to composing music. The perfume "notes" must be in harmony with each other. Essential oils are classifies as Top, Middle and Base notes, and a good perfume must have a balance of all three. Base notes are the deep and lingering notes. They often hang around long after the other notes have evaporated. They are also used to fix a blend. The middle notes are the heart of the perfume; they provide a balance between the top and the bottom. They are said to round the perfume off. The top notes are light and uplifting. They are the ones that hit you first, but if they are not properly balanced with the middle and the base they will vanish quickly.

The Moontime Blend - A Guide to Creating Essential Oil Blends for PMS

When looking for a remedy for life's little aches and pains, one often goes to the pharmacy section of their local grocery store and picks up a bottle of the most popular painkiller. Midol, Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin, all of them claim to be formulated to be excellent for taking care of everything from headaches, backaches, even PMS pains. However there are many people who feel that these options simply aren't for them, whether out of concern about Big Pharma's practices, or simply feeling that there must be better, more natural options for dealing with everyday aches and pains.

The Increasingly Popular Trend of Tea-Based Fragrances

These fragrances and additives enhance the product as well as provide the benefits of the herbal blends. Here are five tea based products that are all the rage - Aroma Therapy.
Tea based fragrances are most popularly used as aroma therapy additives. This alternative medicinal process involves, invoking the sensory organs of a person with the aromatic scents of various blends of tea and herbs and lifting the person's mood.

Calm Your Nerves and Relax Your Senses With Aromatherapy

Today's competitive environment sees people facing extreme stress and stoicism in their lives and at their workplaces. As a result, a lot of individuals suffer from intense duress, jittery nerves and even depression. Fortunately, aromatherapy a solution that uses natural essential oils to calm your nerves and relax your senses so that you can get back to your lives rejuvenated and refreshed.

Aromatherapy for Wellness

Outer beauty is a key to success and today it is the ultimate goal for both women and men and as Plato said "beauty is the greatness of truth". As true as this is, it is also true that we have to use products that preserve our skin and outer beauty, but also highlight our inner peace and harmony. The ideal beauty depends on the balance of our inner self, our thoughts and emotions. If somebody is constantly in the flow of life, easy and calmly, then he has understand his uniqueness.

One Way To Live A Longer, Better Life

Most of us consider that we look after ourselves pretty well. We nod our agreement that the way we care for ourselves affects the quality of our daily life. Self Care, we conclude, is our responsibility. The words 'Self Care' was used back in 1998 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and, since then, research consistently shows that we can dramatically influence our health as we age by conscientious self care.

Self Care empowers us to improve the quality of your daily life, and can vary from brushing our teeth, to ensuring a balanced diet, to taking regular exercise, and so on. It (self care) can also involve treating minor symptoms such as a mild headache or a cold ourself, using products purchased over-the-counter at the local pharmacy. And, in the case of chronic, or longer-term conditions, or to maintain and increase wellness, many people choose to use Self Care health products as supplements or in combination with prescription medicines - vitamin supplements, fish oils, etc. (Remember, of course, to always advise your health practitioner of all the products you are using, whether they're prescription or non-prescription.)

In his book, Dare to Be 100, Walter Bortz lists regular exercise, proper nutrition, stress management, injury prevention, proper use of medication, and quitting smoking as helping to keep the body disease-free, longer.

So, Self Care offers a way to living a longer, better life. And it's backed-up by some impressive data. Research continues to show that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce most of the more common dis-eases of ageing - heart disease, blood pressure, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, colon cancer, osteoporotic fractures - as well as fostering a sense of well-being.
Yet, just when you thought that taking responsibility for one's own health makes good sense, a recent U.S. study found that:
  • only 23 percent of men and 14 percent of women aged 75+ exercised regularly;
  • approximately two thirds of those 65 and older are overweight or obese;
  • half of the elderly don't regularly comply with their medication regimens; and
  • more than 8 percent of the elderly still smoke. (The study didn't say what constituted 'elderly'.)
Self Care, it seems, has a long way to go. You can play your part by having others follow your lead.

How To Stay On Top Of The Aging Process

Aging can catch many amongst us unaware. We may be going on with our lives when one fine day we discover the first signs of aging on our skin. The crow's feet around the eyes and the fine lines on the forehead are an indication that the skin renewal process is not what it used to be and that age has finally caught up with us.

However, you can still follow a few simple practices to ensure that the fine lines and blemishes do not become more pronounced as time goes by. These days, you can also complement such practices by using an anti aging night cream to erase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, and other signs of aging over time.

Cleanse, tone, moisturize

After a certain age, you simply cannot take the health and radiance of your skin for granted. You would need to follow a daily skin care regimen to keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful. Women with beautiful skin often follow such a routine, where they make it a habit to cleanse, tone, and moisturize their skin every night before going to bed. If you are not already taking care of your skin, it is time you got your act together to prevent the appearance of fine lines and blemishes earlier than necessary. You can also exfoliate your skin a couple of times every week to remove the dead cells from the surface and look your best even as the years roll by.

Include an anti aging cream in your daily skin care routine

These days, a lot of work is taking place in the domain of anti aging skin care. You can go online to know more about the innovative anti aging products being formulated by leading brands. Stay aware of the latest developments in the skin care sector to know more about the best products. Start using an effective anti aging night cream from a leading brand that comes with intensive anti aging benefits and rejuvenate your skin without going in for expensive surgery.

Minimize exposure to the sun

Skin that has been over-exposed to the harsh rays of the sun tends to become less resilient and more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to keep your skin protected from the UVA/UVB rays every time you venture out. If you do not have a sunscreen near at hand, the least you can do is to cover the exposed areas of your skin with articles of clothing while you are out in the sun.

Say no to smoking for healthier and wrinkle free skin

In addition to being bad for your heart, lungs, and brain, smoking can also be damaging to your looks. Did you know that with each cigarette you smoke, you add to the already present fine lines around the mouth and the eyes? Smokers tend to pucker up their lips while taking a draw, which in turn can cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around their mouths. Avoid smoking for healthier and blemish-free skin.

Say no to stress

Make it a point to keep stress at bay to keep looking young and radiant for a longer period of time. Pursue an activity that interests you to keep your mind of the hectic schedules and pressures at work. Stay close to nature to remain positive and happy. Meditate for some time every day in the morning to get a perspective on things and keep your energies constructive and creative.

Staying stress free as far as practicable is one of the easiest ways to age gracefully, where you may even end up looking years younger than your actual age.

Give up smoking, say no to stress, follow a daily skin care routine, and use effective anti aging products to keep looking young and radiant even as the years roll by. Stay aware of the latest developments in anti aging skin care. Start using the best anti aging night cream to erase the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles that refuse to go away otherwise.

How You Can Use Change To Change

In Australia, its most famous horse race, The Melbourne Cup, has again been run and won, this time by a horse from Germany named Protectionist. And this time next year most people will probably have difficulty remembering its name (unless, of course, they backed it). The race that's supposed to 'stop a nation' has undergone exponential change since it was first run in 1861. Back then, Archer earned for his connections 910 Pounds. In 2014, the prize money was $6.2 million. And there are many other changes. This year, many international horses competed, while in 1910 there was only one (Comedy King, it won, too). The attitudes of most Aussies have changed in relation to this event and tourism, hospitality, and gambling shops are just some of the many beneficiaries.

Fountain of Youth - Is It Possible or Not?

Master of Youth and Longevity; the Man Who Lived For 256 Years

We live at a time in history where anticipating life spans of 110 to 125 years is not inconceivable. We consider ourselves pioneers in a new world of anti-aging therapies and medical breakthroughs on longevity. We consider living longer, better, healthier lives to be our birthright. Stopping the clock; turning back time; we are a culture obsessed with youth. But where does the secret lie to obtaining it? The one man who did would tell you that it is a simple secret - one that lies in mental well being, a proper diet, and deep sleep.

The Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of Retinol

Retinol is among the most important anti-aging elements available. While we consume foods that contain beta carotene - present in carrots as well as other vegetables - our body system transforms it into Vitamin A (Retinol). Retinol is also present in fish oils, eggs as well as butter. Insufficient Retinol can lead to dry, rough and at times peeling skin. In case you're searching for an excellent anti-aging solution, do not hesitate to start with Retinol.

Biomarkers of Strength As We Age

Strength training is certainly not just the young man's exercise. Unless we do something about it by the time we reach our 70s strength and muscle tone will have declined as much as 25% from our 30s. That increases to 50% by the time we reach our 90s, again if we don't do anything about it. As we age we might think that since we can't increase muscle mass to a great degree, then what's the point.
The thing is there are a number of reasons why we should keep our strength up as we age. More muscle mass provides a higher resting metabolic rate. This actually allows us to keep the pounds off, because after strength exercise we can continue burning calories as much as three days later. This is not true with traditional cardio. Other benefits are increasing our range of motion, the ability to perform everyday tasks and the prevention of osteoporosis. Strength training is truly a key to healthy aging.

How To Be Rich, Happy and Hot (Without a Flash) After 50

You wake up in the morning and look in the mirror as you prepare to shower. The upper arms aren't what they used to be. The belly that used to be flat has betrayed you. Somehow cottage cheese that should be in the refrigerator found it's way to your thighs. Seemingly overnight you went from being hot to having hot flashes. You exercise and eat right but suddenly it's not working. The rules have changed. Possibly, you've never really had to exercise or watch what you eat and now you find yourself wondering what to do about unexplained weight gain.

Motivation And Aging

Most of us have come through a system that has taught us to leave everything to the last minute. During our school daze, most of us left studying for the exam till the night before. In the workplace, the practice of just-in-time was applied to most projects. And, at most social events, the crowd rolls-in just before things get started. Nothing, it seems, is achieved more than in the last minute. As Michael Traylor told us, 'If it weren't for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn't get done'.

Organic India Breathe Free - Tackle Rampant Allergies

Spring season is here and so are the allergies. There is pollen everywhere and the instances of pollen related allergies are already on the rise. People are falling ill in large numbers and long queues can be witnessed at almost every other hospital or clinic. Patients of asthma and lung congestion face a harrowing time due to the heightened levels of pollen. Organic India Breathe Free can be especially helpful for such individuals who find it especially hard to cope during the pollen season.

Health Benefits to Yearly Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever put much though into what types of contaminants are in your carpet? Your carpet collects and filters almost every spilled material, airborne contaminant, and tracked soiling that enters your home. Your carpet acts as a sink, as a matter of fact; carpet is designed to hide soiling. By the time a carpet "looks" dirty, it can have a great deal of contamination collected in it. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that a dirty carpet can retain several sources of indoor air pollutants, including pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust. Professional carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants.

Tips to Survive Spring Allergies

It is spring time again, while this season is really enjoyable because the trees and beautiful flowers start to bloom, there are some who are suffering from seasonal allergies brought by spring time. Pollens from trees, grasses and flowers are the common cause of spring allergies. When they are inhaled and entered the body, the immune system treats them like bacteria and viruses causing the immune system to release antibodies and attack the allergens. This reaction of the immune system triggers the release of histamine in the blood causing symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing and watery eyes. Spring allergies can be dangerous to people with asthma which can lead to narrowing of the airways making it difficult to breath. People who are prone to allergies during spring time should know how to deal with it to avoid further health issues. The following tips can be very helpful to survive spring allergies.

Three Biggest Causes Of Allergies

Finding the cause of your allergies is the best way to treat them. If you can narrow down the scenarios that have created an allergic reaction, you can avoid them in the future. This is a good way to find relief for your allergies, but a doctor can move this process along for you much more quickly.

Pollens are the number one cause of allergic reactions in adults. The unfortunate thing is that pollens are everywhere, and it may only be one that is causing your reactions. The most common pollen allergens are ragweed, leaf-mold, grass, and sometimes local flowers. Mites and some other natural particulates may also be to blame. Avoiding the seasons and times of day that these allergens are most prolific can relieve some of the symptoms. Keeping your doors and windows closed can keep them from coming inside your home or vehicle and thus irritating your senses. Avoiding mowing and yard work with flowers can alleviate issues in some cases.

Over The Counter Allergy Treatments

There are some choices for over the counter allergy treatments that can help you find fast relief. Many of them are not as effective as a prescription treatment, but your condition may not require it. Allergies can be difficult to manage right away, so having some options really helps.

Recurring Sinus Infection Treatment

As anyone who has ever had a recurring sinus infection would know, they are painful! The good news is that they are very treatable and in fact if you use a few good old fashioned home remedies and along with some modern medicine it's also possible to prevent them from recurring in the future. With a little bit of research on the internet, there are a lot of articles out there with some really good advice, using both modern medicine and also good old fashioned home remedies.

We Are Not Intolerant To Gluten

I met Clive Lawler, many years ago in India and since then we have always been in contact, both in person, while traveling the same path, and electronically. I was then present and involved in many of the events he describes in his auto biography. A few years ago, as a result of my interest in his work about food's long fermentation, he sent me copies of his books that I read with attention and curiosity, but without being particularly involved in the subject. I was feeling fine, I ate everything according to my chosen diet, and the information Clive shared was simply a potential data stored in my memory.

Natural Tips to Prevent Seasonal Allergies

As we're all thrilled to see the snow melting and the weather getting warmer, a subset of us cringes at the arrival of spring and the allergies it can often bring along with it. Hay fever, also called allergic rhinitis, manifests as a runny nose, itchy, red and/or watery eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion.

Indoor Air Purification Fights Seasonal Allergies at Home

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and spring is it the air! It's awful, isn't it? If you're one of the millions of Americans who have allergies to pollen and other plant or tree-based material, you understand. Spring would be so nice if it weren't for all the sneezing, the runny nose, and puffy eyes that come with the season. The reality is that for many who suffer from seasonal allergies, it is hard to find anywhere that you're safe from the symptoms of hay fever. Many even suffer at home, the one place where being symptom-free would most benefit their quality of life.

Spotting Allergic Problems

Allergic reactions are very common all over the world. In fact, a number of people often aren't even aware that they are suffering from an allergy and they think that they are ill. Being able to identify an allergic reaction is essential because every allergy is treated differently. Some reactions can get very serious and can cause a lot of harm to the body so it is important to know how to treat the allergy properly.

What exactly is an allergy? Interestingly, it is our own body which brings about various allergies. Our immune system often cannot adapt to certain foreign substances. The allergic reaction is due to this immunity system which is trying to throw the substance out of the body. You may have a simple allergy to peanuts or pollen or not even know the exact cause of the allergy. The following reactions are common ways in which the body reacts to substances which do not suit it.

Spring Allergy Survival Guide

Spring has been slow in coming to the Northeast this year, with lingering cold temperatures and the occasional flurry. But it was abundantly clear that spring weather is on its way at a family gathering this past weekend when my highly allergic brother sneezed no less than 100 times. I could be exaggerating the number, but I think he'd agree that there may as well have been that many. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Once the weather warms up and flowers and trees begin to bloom, he'll likely add watery and itchy eyes, stuffy and runny nose, and a scratchy throat to his list of seasonal allergy symptoms.

Allergies and How Essential Oils Can Ailivate Your Strongest Allergies

I never had allergies growing up. I basically lived outside all spring and summer and never thought twice before dashing outside to play soccer or football with my friends. My curfew was when the street lights turned on and I didn't have a care in the world, especially when it came to allergies.
Things are different now, especially with the amount of people who deal with allergies. And this issue isn't just affecting adults. Kids are in the allergy group just the same. It seems like the allergy issue is out of control.

Food Allergies - Why You Get Them and How to Control Them

There are several different types of allergies including food and airborne allergies, and though they are increasing worldwide there is a lot we still don't know about them. We do know that an allergic reaction is triggered when the immune system mistakenly identifies an allergen as harmful. An allergen is a substance like mold, pollen or some substance in food that upon entering our body causes our immune system to release certain chemicals to attack the invader.

What Is Candida Albicans and Humoral Response (IgG)

Candida albicans are saprophytic diploid fungus commonly found in the microflora of body cavities. They grow as both yeast and filamentous cells and can cause oral and genital infections especially in compromised immune systems (immunocompromised). Due to their ability to rapidly proliferate, the fungus has become one of the major reasons for hospital-acquired infections (HAI).

Want to Have a Candida Antibodies Test With ImuPro?

Candida antibodies tests are necessary to determine if the body needs any external medications to recover from fungal infection. The pathogen has the ability to self-stabilise itself and not allow the gut microbiota to recover and re-establish the normal metabolic environment. It consolidates its position in the digestive tract and further damages the inner lining resulting in the release of food and other particles into the blood stream. The leaked gut is the primary reason for food intolerance and build-up of gas and subsequent complications.

Combating Allergies With Chiropractic Care

During any season of the year, millions of people suffer from a resurgence of allergies and millions more are diagnosed with some type of allergy. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology reports that approximately 7.8 percent of Americans ages 18 or older suffer from hay fever and between ten and 30 percent of the worldwide population is afflicted with this type of allergy. Dust, pollen, and animal dander are potential allergens, making it difficult to get through life without being affected.

Sight Jogging in Dublin

Jogging is one of the most popular forms of physical activity, because of the health benefits it provides such as bone strengthening, improved cardiovascular fitness and important body fat loss, but also because of the easiness with which people manage to keep up with this routine unlike with other aerobic exercises. While jogging, one can sightsee, become closer to the nature and rediscover the beauty of their city and this serves as a great motivation. If you want to keep fit and stay healthy for a long time, there is nothing better than combining wonderful sightseeing experiences from Dublin with your regular training. Of course, if you led a sedentary life and you accumulated a lot of body fat, it is better to start by working with a reliable personal trainer in Dublin. He can customize a more efficient working-out routine and develop a diet tailored to your needs, helping you achieve your goal faster. Jogging is perfect for people who wish to keep fit, but it is not the best solution for people with overweight issues, who should combine running with other fitness exercises. Sight jogging in Dublin is especially great, because you have the opportunity to choose from a great variety of routes, the ones that fit your needs and taste better. Following are three running routes ideas for people living in this wonderful city.

The Importance Of Having The Best Personal Trainer

Most of us desire to stay fit and healthy. However the big question is whether or not, you can really attain it. Fitness isn't the easiest things because of the different obstacles that you will face. This is why a lot of us choose to have personal trainer as they can give you an insight into the right exercises that can help you get in the groove.

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

Acupuncture and Herbs for Heartburn and Indigestion

Many people experience heartburn and acid reflux from time to time. This happens when acid from the stomach washes back into the esophagus. When this tendency to have heartburn becomes chronic, and your doctor finds signs of erosion in the esophagus, this is an indicator of GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be very useful in addressing GERD and chronic cases of heartburn.

Acupuncture for Healthy Skin and Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture can be used to help reduce signs of aging and to improve the condition of one's skin. Acupuncture and herbal medicines can aid all sorts of skin problems including wrinkling and sagging skin, as well as acne, oily skin, and allergic skin rashes.

Acupuncture can reduce wrinkling and sagging of skin of the face. According to Chinese medicine, wrinkles and sagging can be a result of weak Qi, or low energy, that is a result of overwork, stress, fatigue, and poor digestion. The meridians of energy that flow towards the face that normally provide a lifting influence become deficient in energy.

Acupuncture for Scoliosis

In the years I have worked as an acupuncturist, I have treated many cases of scoliosis. Although conventional medicine sees this as a condition that is difficult to correct without the use of a brace or without surgery, I have found many cases to be very responsive to acupuncture. Generally speaking, the condition is often due to an imbalance in the strength of the left side and the right side of the back. There may also be an imbalance in the hips that the spine has to compensate for.

Acupuncture, an Alternative Choice for Migraine Headaches?

Alternative cures and remedies are today often considered when typical or prescribed treatments or regimens fail to live up to the mark. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have been practiced for thousands of years and is well known as a means for managing pain and a wide range of conditions safely and effectively. In addition, acupuncture can serve as a complementary or alternative therapeutic measure, for disorders that are often difficult to treat with conventional medication.

Acne Be Caused by Extra Proteins in Powdered Form

Proteins are the blocks used to build the human body. They are also used by the body in many processes, including:
  • Growing, the construction, reproduction and renewal of cells in the muscles, skin, skeleton, hair, etc.
  • Metabolism and the transportation of nutrients, oxygen and waste throughout the body.
  • Production of antibodies.
  • Various functions of organs.
  • The creation of enzymes and hormones.

Combat the Imperfections of Skin

Like us, skin is far from perfect, but we can always find ways to improve it and make it better!

Sometimes the inevitable can happen to our skin such as warts, ingrown hairs, and acne. Though they can be a hassle to deal with, sometimes they are only just a minor inconvenience. Here we will discuss simple remedies that can be done to rid these imperfections:

How To Choose Anti Acne Cream Without Side Effects

Acne is a common problem among teenagers and also some adults. There are thousands of products claiming to cure it for you. You will know from experience that not all products are the same. Finding the one that works for you takes some experimenting, so here are a few ways to find the right anti acne cream for you.

How to Get Rid of Acne

Nevertheless, the different treatment options featured here are the commonly used ones for most skin issues caused by acne. There are also natural treatment methods available, and it is only a matter of choosing the right option that effectively addresses your concerns. If you are serious about how to get rid of acne and would like to receive a free report.

Super Foods Help To Fight Acne

A healthy dietary plan is certain to offer an effective solution to manage the bad skin. A well-chosen selection of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. can help to harmonize the hormones that experience imbalances during the teenage years. The nutrients contained in food help to combat changes in the skin that can lead to an outbreak of acne. Here are several foods that help fight against acne:

Advice For Acne Sufferers

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the modern world. While acne typically begins during puberty, it is not limited to adolescents and may impact any age group. Though not physically dangerous, acne can take a huge psychological toll. Some sufferers become so self-conscious and embarrassed that their professional and personal lives become severely impacted.

Most people think that acne is merely an aesthetic problem. You try topical acne creams that contain benzoyl peroxide, retinoid acid, salicylic acid, glycol acid, or antibiotics, all of which may help the symptoms a little. In more severe cases, you see a dermatologist, who may prescribe oral antibiotics (which long-term use can cause antibiotic resistance, intestinal permeability, and yeast overgrowth), birth control pills (which are synthetic hormones that raise your risks of blood clots and cancer, and may lead to weight gain, mood changes, and yeast overgrowth), or Isotretinoin (which can cause liver damage and severe birth defects in a developing fetus).

If you truly want healthy skin, it is important to know that you cannot just treat the symptoms. Your skin is your body's largest organ and an organ of elimination (through sweating), which is why problems on the surface are often a sign of underlying issues. The condition of the skin is a reflection of the body's overall health. Good skin comes from the inside out, not the outside in! Therefore, treating acne requires a systemic approach that involves your whole body.

Treatments for Depressed Acne Scars

Depressed acne scars rarely respond to natural remedies and topical creams, and even if they do respond it is almost impossible to eliminate them completely using these traditional techniques. Luckily, there is an array of clinical procedures - both invasive and non-invasive - available to effectively fill acne scar depressions. Listed below are some of the surgical and non-surgical options that you have. Go through them and find out which one suits you the most.