Hot Stove Update: Giants Rule 5 Eligibles

A bit of a lull here while I research a longer post.  Covechatter posted a list of Giants Rule 5 Draft eligible players on his site, linked to the left.  They are:

Reyes Maronta, RHP
Dan Slania, RHP
Chase Johnson, RHP
Miguel Gomez, 3B
DJ Snelton, LHP
Gustavo Cabrera, OF
Tyler Rogers, RHP
Tyler Horan, OF
Brandon Bednar, IF
Pat Young, RHP
Dusten Knight, RHP
Christian Jones, LHP
Jake McCasland, RHP.

I'll guess the Giants protect Maronta, Slania, Gomez and Rogers.  Gustavo will be a tough decision, but I highly doubt another organization would keep him on their 25 man roster.